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When City Streets go GREEN

The next global GREEN challenges are focused on energy and environmental subjects.
At a global level in particular, in the Kyoto protocol - Bali conference- some goals have been set which are more or less shared, namely: to reach by 2020 the "three 20% mark" targets which stands for:

  • To increase by 20% energy production from renewable sources.
  • To reduce by 20% of energy consumption.
  • To reduce by 20% of pollutant emissions (Co2).

Following COP 21 ans 22, the challenge is a global size project for municipalities aiming at (minimum):

  • 50% Reduction of energy consumption.
  • 50% Reduction in pollutants (CO2).

  • by 2050

We offer:

  • Free Turn-key solution for municipalities and cities across Europe, including Turkey, Cyprus and even Egypt (backed by a European supra-national Bank) in order to comply with these goals.
  • No compulsory tendering, since at no cost to municipalities. No budget needs to be voted and set aside, hence putting no strain on public finances.
  • Initial cost saving (10%-15%) on public utility bill, during the amortization period (usually 10 to 13 years, depending on the level of the utility bill), after which municipalities will benefit in full from the energy cost cutting and efficiency effects (public utility bill to be decreased by over 70% on street lighting).
  • Installation and maintenance can be handled by local partners, thus creating employment, under the expert supervision of our selected LED lamp manufacturing partners if need be (patented efficient cutting-edge technology, European, US or Asian companies, with proven track-records).
    End choice will be left to the municipalites, to comply with their requirements

Upon request, additional features may be added:

It is possible to install CCTV cameras:

  • For the local police department, for video surveillance to ensure population safety, or quickly respond to lack thereof.
  • For the local social services, same cameras can ensure safety and quick response to any problem arising within the population (elderly people or people with disabilities or reduced mobility).
  • For the traffic department, same cameras can ensure traffic fluidity or quick response to traffic problems (traffic jams, traffic light malfunctions, ill-parking).
  • To enhance energy saving and CO2 emission reduction, these lights may be fueled by solar energy through the use of solar panels in oder to produce energy during the day and feed the production directly into the grid.
  • For lampposts located in less densely populated areas, it is possible to consider using sensor technology so that the light only switches on when moving objects are approaching (pedestrians or vehicles). .

Our partners own a state-of-the-art patents, which makes them leaders in the sector of LED public lighting, given the particular energy saving it allows to obtain.
Our offer includes a radical review of Public Lighting Installations, which currently are based on traditional LAMPS (S.A.P. - SBP - ALOGENURE - etc...), by replacing the current light sources with other high-efficiency energy LED ones.

Our company would like to propose all the above mentioned to Municipalities, offering a price which reduces the current costs of Public Lighting services. In particular, the coverage of expenses for the new installation, is ensured by the savings from the achieved energy saving, and therefore, without incurring any extra charge on the Municipal budget. As a result, Municipalities will have a new installation in conformity with relevant standards with modern management services, free of any advance payment.

Our project is characterized by the political initiative of the Municipal Administration namely the Public body, which by using technologies already marketed in our country, will bring about positive outcomes on the territory which will result in:

  • Political Success of Administrations in general.
  • Success for environmental issues.
  • Increase of productive activities in the country.

Roadmap for the next steps:

  • Identify key people in European municipalities in order to submit them this one of a kind solution that allows them to comply easily to the latest COP 21 and 22 climate conferences without putting any strain on state budget.

  • Get hold of information as to their feed-in tariff, annual utility bill dedicated to public lighting, and amount of lampposts to be equipped with LED technology in order to provide a targeted offer and means of comparison.

This information allows us to present a non-binding offer to Municipalities.